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sorpr sorprende a residentes de un i edificio dejando heridos el tradiciopnanal desfile de o rosas al iniciar comienza ya >> noticias telemundo >> buenas tardes marÍa celeste continÚa de vacaciones >> para muchos el 2014 comenzÓ d de la misma dforma como termino el 2013, con mucho frÍo >> se ira a bostom dejando nieve y bajas temperaturas en chicago mÁs de uno desafÍa el mal tiempo >> la nieve en chicago no daba t tregua a los que disfrutaban el primer dÍa del aÑo >> la primera tormenta de nieve del 2014 es densa y extensa y u cubre con capa bÑanlanca el pÍss es regalo de aÑo nuevo para Él >> es bueno nos aprovfechamos de la nieve >> y nieve habrÁ hasta por lo e menos el viernes, en chicago h c hacÍan filas para tener una c comida caliente, la tormenta m comenxzÓ a primeras horas de l m maÑana y arrojara 2 pulgadas de nieve en detroit y para el vie n viernes 3 pulgadas en cwashingtn dicen que ponen preparativos de emergencia para posibles cortÉs de energÍa >> asÍ tambiÉn como cae l anii bajan las temperaturas y traerÁn consigo temperaturas de entre 20 a 30
in santa rosa. 45 in livermore. here is a look at some of our forecast highlights. no wind, clear skies. just going to radiate the heat away. a few clouds for your monday. this dry pattern will hang on throughout much of our upcoming workweek. oakland museum and oakland airport in the low 70s today. mountainview 68 degrees tied today's dates temperature of 68 degrees. overnight lows. 30 for santa rosa. 32 for napa. in the north bay, you can expect the frost. by early tomorrow morning, mid 30s. we'll moderate temperatures a little bit overnight. folks, this is the setup we've been talking about for about a week now. offshore winds last night. that has since ended. as this high continues to pretty much stagnate over the area, we'll look for above normal temperatures throughout much of this upcoming holiday week. it is also going to mean dry conditions continuing. we may see a little bit of rain in here by january 6th, 7th, or 8th. so far out, but it is a sign that our weather pattern may change. it is dry out there. 20% of normal at sfo. only 15% of normal in santa rosa. heading to the si
,en pasadena celebraron el desfile del as rosas, en roma un grupoi de italianos, vean nada más se dio [ locutor ] tosecuencia número cinco: noche sin sueño. [ tosiendo ] perdón. [ locutor ] nuevo robitussin® dm max nighttime. alivio para la tos rápido y poderoso que te ayuda a dormir como bebé. robitussin® nighttime. no sufras las tosecuencias. ♪. >>> mientras en gran parte del país esperaron el 2014 en un intenso fior, en california estuvieron con un clima bastante ggradable ,realizaron el famoso desfile de las rosas . >>> más de 800 mil personas llegaron a esta ciudad para apreciar la magia y el colorido tradicionalk del paseo del as rosas, 21 bandas de música y equipos fueron la atracción del feestival de flores, que gracias a la tecnología también apreciaron a millones del mundo . >>> me gustan las bandas, las carrozas . >>> la edición 125 deld esfile de este festival llevó por nombre los sueños se hacen realidad, en efecto muchos llegaron acá . >>> muchso años toda la familia quería venir . >>> así es, todos, somos 3 familias distintas, nos reunimos y pudimos venir co
the memorial. they say the family of andy lopez will be here, too. in santa rosa, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> there had been lights, but the electricity has been cut off for about a month. >> a big win for san francisco's city college today. a superior court judge issued an order that will keep the college open while a legal fight plays out. city college is trying to keep its accreditation. it's suing a commission that ruled the college as badly managed and should not be certified. city attorney, dennis, counters the evaluation process itself was flawed. >> our litigation, which we filed last august, alleges that the private accrediting body allowed political bias, improper procedures, and conflicts of interest to unlawfully influence the state's largest community college. >> the state was track to lose its accredit ation this coming july. >>> the judge ordered settlement talks tomorrow between children's hospital oakland and the family of jahi mcmath. an independent doctor and doctors at children's hospital have said jahi mcmath is dead and there's no reason for further treatment. ja
gun and bb gun was in that suv. >>> a man was killed in santa rosa, a wooden alter caught fire from a candle. lopez was in a field walking with a replica assault rifle when they mistook a pack gun with a real weapon. >>> your time is now 706. it's your first weekend, of 2014. it's 2014. i saw pockets of a little fog today coming in. >> yes, oakland is reporting it sfo reporting it. santa rosa 3/4 of a mile your visibility. it looks like it's improved some. if you're stepping out earlier you have a commute, the official sunrise, 7:25. some of us dealing with low clouds, some of them live clouds, high clouds are streaming over, they'll be partly cloudy and mostly sunny and temperatures slightly warmer in some areas, you may have noticed the haze in our live shot. 46 san francisco, low 40s in oakland, 30s in the inland locations, you have 36 in concord. 34 in fairfield into the north bay. 32 in santa rosa, napa 33, we're checking at observations in nevada. it looks pretty good. it's patchy and it will be with us through the morning hours. 37 hillsborough, 43 in petaluma, we shift into
. checking in at 38. 36 in livermore. and fairfield. not too bad. where it is bat at santa rosa, it is calm and 25 degrees. this is 7 degrees colder than it was 24 hours ago. some areas around the bay are getting the wind. five to 10 degrees warmer than we were four hours ago. >> mostly clear skies. >> no fog even at the coast. this is a 24 hour difference. we woke up yesterday with low clouds and not seeing that this morning. we have 15 minutes until the official sunrise. >> giving you sunny skies. and ridge of high pressure. and temperatures will be back in the mid- to upper 60s. >> once again, we do have big change consist coming by tomorrow. >> cloudy or cooler weather. >> even cooler with a slight possibility with a few passing showers. >> only 20% at this point. we need more and at the moment we may see mainly dry conditions. and light shower on tuesday. >> for the afternoon today. >> upper 50s for the north bay and 66 in san jose. and the extended forecast. >> showing you mostly sub new and today is the warmest day. we begin the cool down. and it lasts until thursday and low 60s for
are in the 20s up there in the north bay, santa rosa 25, 37 in san jose, 54 in san francisco. we are going to see the temperatures climbing and content with the breezes. it's going to end up sunny, near record high in places like oakland. we have a slight chance of showers next week. first, here's mark with your headlines. >> good morning. an alert bystander may have saved the life of a 7-year-old girl kidnapped. the suspect, david douglas, followed the girl and her mother home from a wal-mart and showed a gun. he forced the 7-year-old into his car and drove off. a few hours had later at the antioch marina, a woman got a call from the sister, who had seen the amber alert. she realized the car , matching the description, was nearby. >> i was going to knock on his window, guy's window. i saw him laying down. i'm like there cannot be an adult laying under him, because he was laying too flat. i went to my car and honked the horn. the car that stopped was a police officer. >> the 7-year-old was safe and sound. investigators are still searching for motive. douglas is in jail on $4 million bond a
rosa teenager who was shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. christin ayers is there, and you just spoke to investigators. what did they tell you? >> reporter: firefighters actually just left the scene a few minutes ago. and i want you to take a look of what's left of the altar that was torched. it's in pieces there and slightly charred and behind that you can see bags of debris left over from this small fire that broke out early this morning. firefighters are not yet calling this arson even as members of the community feel certain the fire was set on purpose. firefighters were here for five hours where andy lopez was shot. they were inspecting the wooden altar that caught fire. it happened early this morning shortly after midnight. firefighters recreating the scene collecting charred evidence but they say it is simply too early to tell exactly how the fire started. >> the display was something of obviously interest to a lot of the community, wanted to make sure that we could do what we could to try to determine the cause of it and so we have been out here for several
. overnight, cold, showing you 20s. santa rosa and napa, it was the case this morning. repeat performance for tomorrow morning, bundle up here. san jose start out the day with partly cloudy skies, the skies will be moving in. here's our forecast model. we'll put this into motion. here we are at 8:00, a few clouds out there. high clouds moving into the region 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, no green to talk about. no rainshowers just yet. there is a slight chance of a few showers not here in the bay area, but up to our north, the best bet, that will be on thursday coming up. tomorrow morning, north bay, morning frost out there. we showed you the 20s to start out the day and into the afternoon hours, increasing high clouds, santa rosa, mid- 60s. san francisco and the peninsula, increasing high clouds into the afternoon hours. can you see at 7:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures in the lower 40s. in the upper 30s to near 30 degrees. on track to reach 62-64 degrees. temperatures cooler than today. east bay neighborhoods, high clouds moving in for the afternoon hours. livermore, 31 degrees. nice recovery into
. and freezing start in santa rosa. 46 degrees in half-moon bay. low 40s along the east bay shore. 48 degrees currently in livermore: this is what your afternoon highs look like. another round of very comfortable temperatures. 69 degrees for los gatos. mid 60s for those of you in fremont, and upper 60s for ever green. upper 60s for livermore, pleasanton. mid 60s in danville. mid- to upper 60s for east bay shores. downtown san francisco coming in at 65 degrees. mid-60s at ocean beach. and upper 60s in santa rosa and napa. taking a look at your satellite and radar. it is showing us high pressure still in place. keeping things mild. dry, but we do have low pressure headed our way, bringing a chance of showers tuesday night into wednesday. now you can take a look at your 7 day showing temperatures cooling as we head into the workweek. the chance of rain in the forecast and cooler and cloudy conditions as we wrap up your workweek. >>> some parts of the country getting blasted with snow. california simply doesn't have enough. the department of water resources reports the state's snow pack is roughl
of the little snow we have had so far. >> there is not much snow to take care of. at home santa rosa is 15 percent of normal to 32? san jose to 42 in livermore. we bone dry. 28 percent in oakland. this is not good. this is january, february, march outlook prediction: below normal precipitation area. that means the drought will dopen and we are in el nino neutral is this is nothing to hang your hat on as far as saying if it was el nino it could be better but it is neutral. we have equal chance of being below or above as far as temperatures. we will have normal temperatures . high clouds will roll in around noon and thicken headed to 4:00. and at 7:00 they will be around but we will go from the low 30's to the mid-40's inland to the coast to 7:00 and mid-50's to 60 at noon and upper 50's and 60 at 4:00 and low 50's headed out this evening. >>> an incident in the clearing phases in daly city southbound 280 at washington. you could see activity there but it is quiet on the roads. we have for new year's eve bart continued hours until 3:00 a.m. speaking of bart everyone is on time with muni no d
to the north and the high pressure will be around for the next several days. 55 degrees right now in santa rosa. mid-50s in san francisco. 51 in oakland. into the evening we will be cooling off. 50 degrees in concord. 50 in san jose. 9:00 p.m. upper 40s. 44 degrees at midnight. upper 30s tomorrow morning. i will have a look at the over night lows in a moment. king tides arrived. maybe going out and taking a photo, here is a look at high tide. along ocean beach, 10:30 p.m. not just along the coast, inside the baize and the strait. -- bays and the straits. the water rising and areas like the strait over night. tomorrow morning 11:35 a.m.-out get another shot. san francisco bay, san francisco area, peninsula, and alameda, harbor, and monterey bay, and santa cruz. the numbers continuing and it lasts till tomorrow night. tomorrow morning, 31 for fairfield. 33 concord. 40 degrees for hayward. north bay, temperatures chilly once again, santa rosa 30 degrees. 32 napa. 33 livermore. around the bay better but still cold. 37 san jose and 36 degrees in morgan hill. for the afternoon, we have high clouds to
out doors and doing some celebrating. 49degrees right now in santa rosa. low 50s in san francisco, oakland you're checking in at 52 as well as concord, san jose 53. we did warm into the upper 50s. slightly cooler in some areas. tomorrow i think we'll begin to see that rebound and temperatures will warm back up a few degrees over what we had today. if you're going to be out celebrating tonight, widespread 40s. meanwhile, concord 52 right now and san jose if you are going to be out celebrating, temperatures will be cooling in your neighborhood as well. upper 40s expected by 9:00 and midnight 44 into the overnight hours, low 40s and right about sunrise, which is 7:00, upper 30s in the forecast for the first day of 2014. another spare of the air alert to talk about for tomorrow. here is the comparison. today and into tomorrow, notice the air quality slightly worse. the air quality index up above 100. the air is just very stable and ridge of high pressure is r -- is going to remain. for tomorrow morning, a chilly start. 33 in antioch, 34 in concord. freezing and subfreezing right arou
is a look at how severe our rainfall deficit is. in ukiah and santa rosa, those areas need 12 and a half inches or more of rainfall just to bring them up to the average level for this point in the season. san francisco is more than 7 inches below average for this time of year. the same is true throughout the bay area. it is 4, 5, 6 inches below average and right now we are looking at about seven dry days ahead. although there is a slight chance that i mentioned and i will show you when that might happen in. >>> accu-weather seven-day forecast. >>> a tough loss for stanford. the cardinals took on -- took them on and could not pull off a win. mike shumann is here with the highlights or should i say low lights? >> i wore my sell law bra tore tore -- celebratory red tie. >> they won in 1902 and in this the 100th version they took it on the chin from a stout defense. tyler gaff neither runs over a defender. a 77-yard drive. trailing 17-7 michigan state and scores 17 in a row. connor cook and trailing four with less than two minutes left. he was stuffed. michigan state's run defense comes up h
. in ukiah and santa rosa, those areas need 12 and a half inches or more of rainfall just to bring them up to the average level for this point in the season. san francisco is more than 7 inches below average for this time of year. the same is true throughout the bay area. it is 4, 5, 6 inches below average and right now we are looking at about seven dry days ahead. although there is a slight chance that i mentioned and i will show you when that might happen in. >>> accu-weather seven-day forecast. >>> a tough loss for stanford. the cardinals took on -- took them on and could not pull off a win. mike shumann is here with the highlights or should i say low lights? >> i wore my sell law bra tore tore -- celebratory red tie. >> they won in 1902 and in this the 100th version they took it on the chin from a stout defense. tyler gaff neither runs over a defender. a 77-yard drive. trailing 17-7 michigan state and scores 17 in a row. connor cook and trailing four with less than two minutes left. he was stuffed. michigan state's run defense comes up huge and they win the 100th rose bowl. it was 24-2
llegar algunas personas para atraer la buena suerte. ♪ ♪ >>> que tal. las autoridad es de santa rosa investigan como es que el altar del niÑo que muriÓ a manos de un sherid se incendio. >>> el altar de la ciudad de santa rosa no tenÍa veladoras que pudiera provonar el incendio. las autorinpie queres ver si se provocÓ intencionalmente. >>> tambiÉn han desaparecido otros ÁartÍculos que honraban la vida del niÑo. >>> donde el niÑo investigadores recolectaban lo poco que quedÓ del incendio. >>> parece que alguien lo hizo a propÓsito. >>> nuestra estavie de bomberos recibiÓ una detallmada minutos despuÉs de la medianoche. actitistas dichen que el sÁbado lo volverÁn a construir. andy muriÓ luego que un alguacil lo baleÓ 7 veces. andy se dio la vuelva y lo baleo 7 veces. >>> este fue suspendido con goce de pago. ero este mes de diciembre el oficial se reintegrÓ. reportante en vivo, golberto leol. >>> continÚa la racha de peotones apropellados en san francisco. un hombre lo golpeÓ en la esquila de la avenida laferfud, se debate entre la vida y la muerte. >>> tambiÉn en s
to an arrest. >>> investigators are trying to find out what caused a memorial in santa rosa to go up in flames. >> reporter: you can actually see the charred alter for andy lopez. just behind that, bags of debris. these all damaged in a fire that started around midnight today. firefighters are telling me it is unclear whether this could be arson, it is too early in the investigation to know. but community members say tensions have been royaling in this area since that shooting happened october 27. they believe the fire was set intentionally. >> it wasn't just a fire that fell over. it was intentional. you can tell it is intentional. it is just sad. that somebody would do this. >> we have to be careful on any fire investigation that we make assumptions. we have to try to gather all the facts that we can and then draw our conclusions from those facts. >> reporter: organizers of the memorial say there have been threats to burn the memorial. we have not been able to confirm that. however, organizers say they will be back saturday at 11:00 a.m. to clean this up and reestablish the memorial. they s
this memorial to andy and make it even better than before. if santa rosa, abc 7 news. >> strong winter storm is pounding the northeast right now. >> nearly 2 feet of snow has already fallen in some parts of massachusetts. major highway shut down over might and thousands of flights already cancelled. >> this is a leif picture of san francisco international airport very different picture here weather which is but at least 2 dozen flights cancelled or delayed today. impact not as bad at san jose or oakland where few flights were affecte affected. >> we are live in new york city with more on the powerful winter blast. >> good evening to you both. mother nature gave most of the country a pass on new year's but she came back to let us all know exactly who the boss is midwest the brunt of the storm first now the northeast turn and many places tonight a blizzard like conditions massive winter storm unleashed the fury. snow roared in. winds howl. temperatures plunge. 100 million americans were caught in the bull's eye. someplaces in the continental u.s. colder than the north pole. >> couple of
of vernon's view after the game. >> community members in santa rosa today got to work rebuilding a memorial to a 13-year-old boy shot to death by a sheriff's deputy. the memorial to andy lows me was partially burn. lows -- lopez was killed when his -- >> the memorial was burned down two nights ago. there will rosaries. toys andy played with. his favorite soda, favorite potatoship, and so the community this is a way of showing that andy's life was not in vain. it goes on and will continue. >> fire investigators concluded the fire was most likely started by a candle that fell over. >>> a collision between an historyics muni street car and an 18 wheeler sent two people to the hospital. the truck turned in front of the street car. all four people on the trolley suffered minor injuries. the drivers were taken to the hospital. this happened on the embarcadero, a block from the exploratorium. car 152 is the original san francisco muni street car and turned 100 this year. >>> a collision between a motorcycle and an elder pedestrian in san francisco injure both parties this afternoon. it happened at
conditions expected. temperatures similar to this afternoon. right now 58 degrees in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco. oakland 55. temperatures will begin to cool by 8:00 p.m., upper 40s. 46 degrees into the evening and temperatures continue to slide into the over night hours and tomorrow morning. 56 concord. san jose 58. temperatures beginning to cool. by 8:00 p.m. 49 expected and late evening 46. we will continue with this kind of weather, dry, mild, chilly mornings. 43 oakland. 45 san francisco. 30, below freezing in santa rosa tomorrow. freezing in napa. 33 concord and livermore. into the afternoon, temperatures in the low 60s. above average for this time of year. we broke a few records yesterday. 62 san francisco. 64 oakland. 62 antioch. into the valley tomorrow, 62 san jose. 62 fremont. 64 morgan hill, 66 santa cruz. extended forecast here showing you dry and more dry weather in the forecast with subtle changes for our temperatures and into the weekend, bay area weekend showing you temperatures remaining on the mild side and dry weather. >> not a rain drop in sight. >> no. >> thank yo
for you, 30s in santa rosa, fairfield low 40s at concord and livermore. and midnight, it will be pretty chilly around the bay area. spare the air tomorrow, no wood burning. mild for the first week or more of 2004. big ridge of high pressure, outstanding that will dominate our weather picture for at least a week ahead. this dry pattern will be with us for a while. there are no rain producing systems coming in our direction. our animation shows clouds flowing away from the coast. it will be clear and dry and mild. it will get chilly in the wee hours of the morning. look for low 30s at santa rosa and napa, mid to upper 30s at the inland valley and right around 40 near the bay and on the coast. tomorrow new year's day bright, sunny, mild with high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. that's pretty bad weather another -- you'll have mild temperatures in the mid to upper 60s and a slight dropoff in temperatures by next tuesday. a few clouds in the sky, no rain in the forecast at all. >> spendinger, thank you. >> well, mike shumann is to have a serious drop ed lg mego ken e 's . >>> 49ers and
ciudad de pasadena para presenciar otra edicion mas del tradicional "desfile de las rosas". ---en la edicion de hoy, que es la numero 125, hubo un poco de todo, pero lo que mas acaparo la atencion fue el carro alegorico donde se realizo la primera boda entre personas del mismo sexo en ese evento. ---johanna suarez, desde pasadena, nos amplia en el siguiente reportaje. take pkg ;01 ;17 ;36 1;03 1;23 1;56 2;20 nats=== 700-mil espectadores comenzaron el 2014, presenciando todo el esplendor del desfile de las rosas en pasadena.. sot: julie aranda/ espero desde la 3 pm del día anterior "...vivimos en pasadena y nunca venimos al desfile, yo pense que sacrificarme una vez al aÑo no hace daÑo" y valio la pena, dejar la comodidad de la casa para vivir la emocion de este colorido espectaculo.. sot rafael lvarez / espectador 19-14-51-10 "no hay comparacion en verlo en persona, hasta uno puede oler las flores estan bien lindas, personas y es muy diferente verlo en personas que en television" el bulevard colorado fue la pasarela, por la que a lo largo de 5 millas, mas de 40 carrozas, nats dece
as the season. we're not going to add a drop of rainfall to these totals. santa rosa, only 8.5 inches of rainfall this year. san jose, 3.8. in terms of san francisco, in fact, a good portion of the state, this will be the dryest calendar year on record. san francisco, the dryest was in 1917, with 9 inches. but we're clearly going to beat that. as i mentioned, we are confident no more raindrops in our forecast over the next few days. coming up in a few minutes, the temperature change you can expect for tomorrow. and i'll let you know if we have any rain clouds on our five-day forecast. once again, coming up in ten minutes. >> thank you, mark. >>> air quality officials did not issue a spare the air alert for tomorrow and that ends a seven-day streak. conditions are expected to improve tomorrow. the spare the air alert today bans wood burning, indoors and out, unless it's your only source of heat. during the winter season, air equality officials say wood smoke is the largest source of harmful pollution. >>> members of raiders nation are helping 19-year-old dominique romero, who was paral
. paying us a visit right now. temperatures mild out there in san francisco. 57 degrees. santa rosa 60. san jose 55. livermore 61 degrees. this afternoon, all the high clouds pushing in. we had a spare the air alert. another one set for tomorrow. once again we had the issue for tomorrow. -- or have the issue for tomorrow. frost. very cold and temperatures start out the day santa rosa, napa, lower 30s. 3:00 p.m., 69. most neighborhoods tomorrow warmer than today. temperatures about 3:00 p.m. east bay fair skies, temperatures in oakland 39 degrees. same for fremont. afternoon 67, 69 degrees. these numbers coming up 3 to 5 degrees from today. san francisco and the peninsula, hazy sunshine for san francisco and the peninsula, temperatures in the lower 60s. south bay, temperatures in the upper 60s. around 70 degrees, morgan hill. 3:00 p.m., 70 degrees. san jose 69 by 3:00 p.m. after the cold start, 40 degrees in the morning. tomorrow will be warmer than today. more sunshine out there. high clouds drifting out to the south. temperatures tomorrow, santa rosa 69. san francisco mid-60s. brentwood up
the fire. the alter will be rebuilt this weekend. live in santa rosa, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, a vigil on 104 avenue where on new year's eve a 13-year-old was shot and killed. you can see from these pictures a large crowd gathered there. he was gunned down tuesday night as he walked home with two boys from a party at the boys and girls club. two men in a dark car pulled up and started shooting. >>> also, 24 hours since the discovery of a human skull in the oakland hills. ktvu's john sasaki joins us live from the scene. people are surprised by that find. >> reporter: this is the spot where people stop all day and night to admire the view brut people yesterday -- but people yesterday found a different view they won't soon forget. >> reporter: grisly peak. >> the view pretty good. >> reporter: yesterday this turn out someone saw something unexpected. a human skull. >> just to hear something like that is just heart breaking. you know, very surprising. i never heard anything like that. >> reporter: the skull was put on a paper plate and arranged with beads and ju
. santa rosa has two dispensaries. the city council is expected to consider the changes come tuesday. >>> saturday afternoon trolley ride in san francisco sent four passengers to the hospital. the street car crashed into a big rig on the embarcadero yesterday. passengers and witnesses say the truck driver ran a red light. it happened near the intersection of bay street, traffic was jammed for hours. >> we were in the front seat. my wife had her leg pinned underneath the seat. the grating on the front, it had to be ripped out to get her leg out >> fortunately no serious injuries. police are investigating the cause. >>> a close call on a highway in the bronx. a small plane made an emergency landing on the roadway. the pilot reported engine trouble while en route to connecticut. the passengers and pilot were treated for minor injuries. the plane was towed off the highway on a flatbed truck. >>> the u.s. coast guard polar star is chugging through the frozen antarctic on a rescue mission. an australian research ship myered in ice since christmas still stuck. most of the passengers and cr
temperatures are not going to go anywhere anytime soon. santa rosa dropped to the late 20's. the temperatures are currently in the 40's. it is a lot colder the more work 20 hours ago. it does not look like this is the case anymore. concord is at nine degrees cooler than yesterday morning and a 20 degree drop from those of you in half moon bay. approaching 7:00 a.m. when will still deal with slippery conditions. by 3:00 p.m. most locations will be in the '60s. >> sunnyvale will have a high of 66 and the temperatures will be warmer in where they should be. it will not be as warm as what we experienced over the weekend but it still will be plenty of sunshine. 63 degrees for richmond and san francisco will how high of 62. looking ahead a new year's eve, by 10:00 a.m. the temperatures should be more. take a look at the fireworks, by midnight we should drop by two degrees but overall, it will be good conditions. the 7 day around the bay shows we will continue with the stretch. >> the traffic or around the bay is moving well and we do not have any hot spots. we do have construction passed the bay br
. 36 degrees in concord. 33 now in santa rosa. 46 in san francisco. and 41 in san jose. we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today. so i think the temperatures will be mild. then more sunshine over the weekend. but things look like they could turn a little bit wet as we head in toward next week. high pressure though overhead right now. one system sliding east of us. as it moves by, well, we are going to watch more of an offshore wind kicking up into the weekend. this is what they are dealing with this weekend. how about this storm system along the east coast? this is a nor'easter rolling through dumping record amounts of snow there and some very cold temperatures. highs in the afternoon only 17 degrees in new york city. more importantly, some. wind chills minus 20 and below. so dangerous cold there. back out west it's an entirely different story. about 67 degrees and well above the average in santa rosa. 68 in oakland. 65 degrees maybe some record heat this afternoon. next couple of days cooling down the temperatures just a little bit. a slight chance
chilly in some locations. san francisco 60. 65 oakland. north bay, from the mt. tam cam, santa rosa, 56. novato, 48. fairfield, 42. with less wind tonight the offshore winds have stopped and the clear sky, get ready for colder temperatures overnight tonight. more sunshine for your monday, a few clouds will drift by. it looks like the dry, mild weather pattern is going to stay with us through the last several dives this year and the beginning two days of next year. here's a look at anticipated lows tonight. oakland and interior east bay, mid-to-upper 30s. so definitely frost expected in the north bay. water vapor imagery, almost a week ago we were looking at the same picture, and very little has changed as that jet stream, that storm track, still pushed way to the north. look at the dry air mass over much of the pacific, and this trend will stay with us for at least the next five to ten days. we had a little hiccup or at bump in the jet stream ed, which brought the offshore winds. we heeded up nicely but now the winds are turning more out of the northwest, so still above normal temperatu
mas 2600 triangulos de cristal. >>> y el desfile de las rosas cada primero de enero fue presenciado por 5 a 6 generaciones, se trata de una tradiciÓn en estados unidos que millones de personas esperan cada aÑo y no solo en este paÍs, sino en la mayor parte del mundo, consta de varias carrozas, y situaciones, juan carlos gonzÁlez fue hasta esa ciudad para hablar de algunos de los carros. >>> los carros que honran a los que dieron vida, colocÓ una rosa en memoria de su mamÁ, cuyos riÑones salvaron a varias personas. >>> un orgullo, sabemos que salvo la vida de otras personas. >>> fue una decisiÓn tomada. >>> claro, porque al final del dÍa ya saben que los Órganos no sirven para nada. es mejor ayudar y salvar vidas a otras personas. >>> es una tradiciÓn que cuenta con 134 aÑos de antiguedad, congresa a miles de personas y llega por televisiÓn a 200 paÍs. alejandro pone su granito de arena para agradecer al joven de 14 aÑos que le donÓ su riÑon le salvÓ la vida. >>> dios me dio otra oportunidad de vida, hay que agradecer a dios, a la persona, a los papÁs. >>> segÚn d
locations. san francisco 60. 65 oakland. north bay, from the mt. tam cam, santa rosa, 56. novato, 48. fairfield, 42. with less wind tonight the offshore winds have stopped and the clear sky, get ready for colder temperatures overnight tonight. more sunshine for your monday, a few clouds will drift by. it looks like the dry, mild weather pattern is going to stay with us through the last several dives this year and the beginning two days of next year. here's a look at anticipated lows tonight. oakland and interior east bay, mid-to-upper 30s. so definitely frost expected in the north bay. water vapor imagery, almost a week ago we were looking at the same picture, and very little has changed as that jet stream, that storm track, still pushed way to the north. look at the dry air mass over much of the pacific, and this trend will stay with us for at least the next five to ten days. we had a little hiccup or at bump in the jet stream ed, which brought the offshore winds. we heeded up nicely but now the winds are turning more out of the northwest, so still above normal temperatures. althoug
estas son las condiciones del tiempo actuales de san josé santa rosa san francisco y sectores aledaños [información en pantalla]. detalles de esta y otras noticias en breves instantes al volver de la pausa comercial. >> un tren que llevaba petróleo en un pueblo de dakota del norte se descarrillo y se incendiaron vagones hubo evacuación y 0 heridos. vamos con nuevas leyes para los conductores en california. >> hubo muchos accidente en california por culpa del alcohol por eso la patrulla de caminos intenta seguir con su trabajo en la ruta. el oficial pide consentimiento de los conductores para que se somentan a examen de sangre o aliento en caso de sospecha de ebriedad. >> la ab1361 será la ley de 3 pies de distancia entre autos y ciclistas. >> tiene que tener esa distancia al estar en el camino o en semaforos. >> la oficial torres dice que los conductores tienen en derecho en el camino. >> muchas muertes resultan de estos pensamientos. >> el departamento de policía tendrá más oficiales en la calle para que no haya uso de fuegos artificiales podría ser multado en mil dólares.
las rosas. >> con esto llegamos al final de esta edición, muchas gracias por su atención, muy buenas noches. >> feliz 2014. >> ♪. la mariguana,colorado se considera listo para iniciar el experimento, el alcalde de nueva york prohibe el uso de cigarrillos electrÓnicos. y la trÁgica muerte de jenni rivera convirtiÓ este aÑo el de mayor ventas para la mÚsica de la diva de la banda. ♪ ♪ >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn, edición nocturna, ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >> muy buenas noches, la llegada del aÑo nuevo tambiÉn trae consigo una serie de leyes en varias partes del paÍs que trata temas como el uso recreativo de la mariguana y el uso de armas de fuego, veamos los aÑos mÁs significativos para ley en ese 2014. >> aÑo nuevo, vida nueva,y mariguana a la venta,al menos para uso recreativo, es de la realidad con la que el estado de colorado despetarÁ el primero de enero del 2014, serÁ el primer estado que permite la venta a menores de edad. mientras uno la consideran destructiva otros la han catalogado como la sanaciÓn de la naciÓn. para los expertos lo que
in santa rosa. these are the forecast temperatures for midnight. all in all, it looks like it should be pretty good party weather, at least when it comes to midnight weather in the city. have the complete forecast, which does look dry a few minutes from now. >> consider yourself warned. police are out in full force looking for drunk drivers. the bay bridge, a hot spot. if you're going to drink, be sure you have a sober designated driver or you can find another way home. get a cab. muni, caltrans, are also offering free rides tonight. aaa is offering free tows. bart is not free, but trains will run until 3:00 a.m. we have all the information on >> happy new year. this was the scene just over an hour ago in times square. u.s. supreme justice led the countdown and pushed the big button to start the decent. a sea of people from all over the world packed in the midtown manhattan to see that crystal ball drop. many arrived 12 hours or more in advance to scope out their spot. >> not a great way to ring in the new year. a powerful strain of the flu suddenly making a comeback in c
clouds moving overhead. no rain for a whiechlt take a look at our rainfall definite. santa rosa needs 12 inches of rain to get back to normal levels. san francisco, more than seven inches of rainfall. and you don't reasonably expect to get that rainfall in one event so we need a series of storms to come through to help us get back near normal levels and we don't see that coming our way. >> thank you this, means we'll be two for two in 2014. another alert has been issued for tomorrow. air quality officials say stagnant air is trapping pollution this, is the 25th alert so far. >> a state law in colorado. sale of marijuana for recreational use is now legal people waited to buy pot from one of the nearly 40 legal retail stores in colorado. the recreational use has been legal for adults in colorado morethon a year but retail sales in the allowed until today. >> i'm proud my money is going to go to construction of schools >> residents can buy one ounce per day. across state lines is a crime. >> and other new law as cross the country. a 16-year-old can preregister to vote though they have to wa
as current temperatures for the 6:00 p.m. hour, 53 degrees in santa rosa. upper 40s in napa. shows 53. san francisco 56 degrees. spare the air alert tomorrow. the numbers improve a little bit. you want to keep the numbers closer to a zero down here if you can. but the numbers trickle down. tonight we have partly cloudy skies i. -- skies. lots of 60s and san francisco, 7:00, 45 degrees. lunchtime 61. the weekend cooler but the dry weather continues. as far as over night lows, santa rosa, napa, fairfield, san francisco, 45. san jose 40 degrees. storm track in the pacific, high pressure returns tomorrow. that sends temperatures up. low 60s to low 70s. into the weekend no major changes. this will be a cloud producer. slight chance of showers by tuesday morning but the bulk of the activity is not much. focused up to the north. forecast model, clear skies tomorrow. and then thursday afternoon and friday increasing clouds. with that partly cloudy skies for friday. once again no rain expected and temperatures for tomorrow, the warmest locations on track to reach the mid-60s. oakland 67 degrees. sa
and where it ended up and what was >>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> happening now in san francisco, the california supreme court has just granted a law license to a man living in the country illegally. sergio garcia came to the united states from mexico when he was ad to her and graduated from law school and passed the bar exam. he challenged the 1996 law that banned people living in the country illegally from receiving professional licenses from government agencies unless state lawmakers vote otherwise. shortly after the court heard the arguments in the case the governor signed a new state law that authorizes the granting of licenses taking effect yesterday. >> >> the package from the first family is on its way to the intended recipient this morning, sent by the woman would got it by mistake. elaine church expect add package for christmas that was delayed because of damages. yesterday, the president finally arrived, or the present, actually, arrived, but inside was a photo album of pictures of the girls and the white house as a
of a memorial to a thin-year-old santa rosa boy. andy lopez was shot to death in october by a sheriff deputies who mistook the pellet gun for an assault rifle. >> i don't know what going on. it is not right. >> there is evidence on the internet which is that people are threatening to burn it down the memorial. it is disrespectful the. >> investigators believe the fire was likely caused by a candle that accidentally tipped over. community members are 2nding a better memorial. >> miss have made an arrest in the murder a northern california priest. the body of the priest was found on wednesday in the church in eureka after he failed to show for morning mass. yesterday, the police arrest the the 43-year-old for the killing. he was taken into custody about six miles south of eureka. he was in and out of police custody in the hours before he died. investigators believe he killed the least after he broke into the church. >> it looks like there was a level of struggle old in the church. >> was this a crime of opportunity or a specifically targeted person? we are not sure. >> the priest had close ties
. >>> and the fire that destroyed a memorial to a santa rosa teenager killed by a sheriff's deputy was an accident. we have learned it was a candle that sparked the flames yesterday, not vandals. makeshift structure was a tribute to 13-year-old andy lopez, who was fatally shot in october while carrying a bb go up that looked like an assault rifle. >>> in other bay area headlines, surveillance video could provide investigators clues into who set fire to the door of the chinese consulate in san francisco. this surveillance video came from a camera across the street but images from the consulate's surveillance cameras reportedly have clearer images. the fbi is head had gone the investigation but say it's a criminal attack not a terrorist attack. >>> two bart unions will begin voting today on a new contract. it drops a controversial family leave provision but expands access to time off for bereavement. it will be another 10 days before all members vote. >>> and city college of san francisco gets a reprieve from possible loss of accreditation. a superior court judge issued an order that will keep the c
at a memorial in santa rosa honoring andy lopez. the wooden altar was built to remember lopez. the 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy back in november. investigators now say the fire early yesterday morning was an accident. it started by a burning candle. earlier there was speculation that the fire was intentionally set. volunteers now plan to spend this weekend rebuilding that memorial. >>> new details on the fiery crash that killed paul walker. the coroner released a report staying the car he and his friend were in was going in excess of 100 miles an hour. both walker and row cause died from traumatic injuries and burns. >>> crews are still watching out for hot spots in a fire that started in a marsh area east of the village shopping ulmall in core ta -- shopping mall in corte madera. it quickly spread burning about five hours. some propane tanks at the homeless camp created a hazard. >>> the larger propane tanks when they get heated to a certain extent, they vent and can sometimes explode some of those did out there, the ones used for camping stovings. that -- stoves.
in the forecast as well. it's 69 degrees right, now, in santa rosa. it's 65 in napa and 63 in antioch. we had up to 70 degrees in santa rosa. you'll find frost in some occasions, it won't be -- some locations. it will be 40 in antioch and downtown san francisco 46 with 40 in san jose. we're in this holding pattern, with high pressure significantly dominating the landscape and as it does, it sends us into a warm week and warm weekend. things change around as we get into monday tuesday and wednesday of next week. as the low pressure bumps up it will be enough to cool temperatures off and increase cloud cover and bring a sprinkle up there. we hope to come around to that conclusion. right now, they're real dry and they could bring something in as we go into the next couple of days. we'll watch the model runs for you. here comes saturday, sunday, no clouds, here comes monday and you can see things breaking down and you can see that low. maybe when you get to tuesday wednesday and thursday, that we could see activity around here. that's our big story. the forecast highs tomorrow, 68 in brown wood, the
es l color de rosas. >> este es el pasillo que nos l lleva a la habitaciÓn principal, sesta casa es de tres habiatacio habitaciones y dos baÑos. >> nos hemos di ido de 5 a 6 me para vender una prpopiedad que l las puedes vender en un mes. >> estasmos con todo en el sectr de contrucciostrucciÓn. >> tebrasilos niveles de sdes j bajaron al 0,. 0,99. buenos aires 9,9%. >> vamos a tener el tran empuje de aumento de producciÓn en euy y es que se vca a copnvertir enl paÍs de mayor producciÓn de p petrolpet petrÓleo en el mundo. >> tel bolsillo de los consumi o consumidores tambiÉn sufgriufrÁ la canasta familiar. >> quiere cdecir que van a segur subiendo los precios. >> el aÑo pasado vimos un inc m incremento y este aÑo se pron t pronostica una subida del 2%. >> el eqqueso, ammantequilla yÓn de queso puede alacanzar los 1 dÓlares. >> acÁ los closet master. >> la tendencia nacional es que el mercado viene en recuperac n recuperaciÓn. >> uno de los grandes motores de la economÍa es el mercado inm i inmovili inmobiliario y se espera que se construyan mÁs de un millÓn
cold by morning inland. kgo roof camera, a nice view of the buildings. santa rosa 40 degrees. it is in the upper 30s in napa and novato. 46 in concord. livermore in the 40s as well and we are looking out toward the ferry building. a mild weekend and possible records again and spare the air tomorrow. we are looking at cooler weather next week and there is even the possibility of rain. it is not a whole lot, but we may see something. so the high-pressure system here, both of these will keep us dry and mild this weekend. and then we are watching for a cold front to approach. tuesday morning it is far northern california and tuesday afternoon there is a slight chance of rain here in the bay area and going into tuesday night. the front falls apart, but we will expect a little bit of rain. if it materializes it is what we are expecting. going into the week ahead it will be light. less than a 10th of an inch next week, but that is a sign that perhaps the pattern is changing a little bit. as we cool off we will see at least potential for some systems to move in. chilly tomorrow morni
to the day for the higher elevations. and on the north bay. look at santa rosa mid20s over there a lot milder here. and san jose and concord and livermore at 37. we expect warmth. >> and back to the news this morning, a man is in jail. police say that david douglas graped the girl from in front of her home. and the suspect was arrested hours after the alert was broadcast. >> the family is happy to have her home and ask their privacy be respected. there were a number of family and friends and neighbors that showed up to the home to share in the joy of having her back. >> they arrested douglas davis. authorities say the child and her mother pulled up to the driveway on the hummingbird drive after shopping at a nearby wal-mart. douglas followed them nome his gold 1990s toyota camary and grabbed at her and took off. the police department followed up on leads and confirmed that the 43 year old was the suspect. he was spotted in a parking lot. douglas and the victim were inside when the police approached the vehicle. he was arrested and natalie, who police say was not injured, was reunited with the
. but there is no screaming message for rain for us. some cold temps. napa 26. fairfield 29. santa rosa is 29. 30s even half-moon bay. that is at moffett. 36 walnut creek. 29 as we mentioned fairfield. 19 up in tahoe. 24 in reno and 30 in ukiah. everything goes up and over the ridge of high pressure and dives town into the northern plains and great lakes. sunny and nice. it will be a hazy day. 60s to near 70. let's go back to the desk. >>> sal is is off this morning. but we are still keeping an eye on traffic for you. over on the east bay taking a look at highway 4 in bay point, still pretty dark out there. but things are moving well this morning. and this is a look at highway 24 near lafayette. traffic on the right moving toward the new caldecott tunnel. there is been a few accidents. excuse you, pam. that weaver been telling you about-- that we've been telling you about. we do have a crew keeping an eye on things here and we will bring any new information as we get it. >>> fremont police are still trying to piece together an accident that killed a teenager and seriously injured a baby. claudine wong is jo
in guerneville and santa rosa and napa and american canyon and san rafael was 41 and bodega bay was 46 and snow valley was 37. across the bay, 42 and 44 in alameda, and 41 in redwood city and cupertino is 38, 34 in san jose, and san ramon, 33 and lafayette, 36. from sutro tower on market street over to the east bay hills, it will be brighter today, and warmer, but it is our 24th "spare the air" day, with clear frost inland as the chilly nights continue, following the near record warm temperatures that are going to extend into the first week of 2014. this is how it looks from the east bay hills, we could see san francisco this morning something we could not see yesterday. temperatures, today, because of the extra sunshine, are 2 to 7 degrees warmer. it will be noticeable. we have next to oakland, 65 reaching record highs. and redwood city at 66 is near record high and livermore is 67. most of us in the mid-to-upper 60's but the coast is upper 60's. tonight, cold inland lower to upper 30's and mid-40's around half moon bay if san francisco. it will be clear again. three areas of high pressure: th
, 40 degrees in concord, san jose 45, santa rosa 37 and tomorrow fair skies which means some high clouds and sun but temperatures still in the mid- 60s and tomorrow the high tides peak at 9:48 a.m., 7.1 feet above mean lower tides and then correspondingly we get a really low tide minus 1 1/2 feet below the average low tide. those are pretty big extremes. we'll hit them again at the high tides of the year, wednesday the same. new year's eve looks good, great night for fireworks, midnight temperature 49 degrees tomorrow night. we're getting some high clouds, no rain. high pressure persists in the eastern pacific and the long range models show that high pressure hanging in through the weekend. so we get another warm day tomorrow, clear and chilly tonight and no rain in sight through the early going in 2014, so stay tuned on that. heading out of the bay area, high and dry through most of the state, 68 in redding and 50 degrees at yosemite. overnight lows tonight santa rosa down to 35, oakland 40, san jose 39, about 10 degrees above average in the east bay. for the south bay morgan hil
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